Q. What's the difference in 045 and 038 wires?

A. The difference is the diameter of the wire which allows the 038 to have 400 additional feet added. Coils must be a specific dimension to fit into the lashers.

Q. Why are different sizes used?

A. It all depends on the weight of what's being put up on the poles. Some wires are heavier and some thinner. This should be determined by the engineer involved.

Q. Which type of lashing wire should I use?

A. This should be determined by where the wire is being used. Any toxic environment requires wire to have corrosion resistant properties. Engineer should determine.

Q. Do you have a minimum order?

A. All lashing wire is put up in 6 per box. 1 box minimum is requirement.

Q. Are wire products in stock?

A. Most lashing wire is in stock unless designed MYO (made to order) on the webpage.

Q. What specifications is strand made to?

A. All galvanized strand is made to ASTM A475 which can be obtained on the web.
Indicated all types of strand.

Q. What is lead time if order is placed?

A. Most coils are available immediately and can ship within 24 hours.

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