Century Wire Products Supports Boy Scouts

This is the camping trailer we sponsor for Troop 22 Lumberton NJ

CWP Exceeds 41,000 Reels In March

March Madness!! Thank you guys what a fantastic month!!! 41,000 reels and counting! #CWP — feeling excited.

CWP Now Offers Engineering Support

Lashing wire may not be considered a “priority item” when the buyers are out there doing their purchasing, but when it doesn’t work properly and cable falls off the pole, everyone “runs for the hills” to try to get the build out, overbuild or upgrade fixed.  It would be much better for us to work together to determine which lashing wire would serve the user best.  In the long run, money would be saved on both sides.

The three major alloys used today are 430, 302 and 316; however, there are many other alloys available if there are special uses.  Today’s environment requires us all to take another look at what we are putting on these poles.

CWP Among Top 500 Diversity Business in the US

Century Wire Products Corp. was honored as one of the top 500 diversity businesses in the country at a conference in Washington, DC hosted by diversitybusiness.com.

Danielle Dupuis, President, is pictured here with Kenton Clarke, CEO of diversitybusiness.com and Jasmine Guy, actor/director who were the celebrity hosts of this national business conference.

Approximately 700 people attended the 3 day meetings with Dell, AT&T, IBM, Home Depot, etc. and the Federal Government agencies as recipients of corporate awards.