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Stainless Steel Lashing Wire is used in a lasher to lash a cable or combination of cables to a supporting strand. It is a specially controlled annealing process, which yields a uniform, fine grain structure throughout the wire length and cross section for best results. All lashing wire is manufactured in the USA in accordance with standard specifications for lashing wire and may be certified upon request. It is available in 430, 302, and 316 stainless steel alloy.

Lashing Wire Grade Types

Type 430 (S43000)
This is a magnetic thermally nonhardening ferritic stainless steel alloy containing 16-18%
chromium with no nickel or molybdenum rendering it susceptible to corrosion attack.

Type 302 (S30200)
This is an austenitic nonmagnetic and thermally nonhardening stainless steel. Corrosion and oxidation resistance is provided by the 18-20% chromium and the 8% min. nickel content.

Type 316 (S31600)
This is also austenitic, nonmagnetic and thermally nonhardening stainless steel. In comparison to type 302, the nickel content is increased from 8% to 10% and includes the addition of up to 3% molybdenum.

Product Specifications:

Part No. Type Size Temper Tensile Strength Average Break
.038SS302ACW 302 .038 Annealed 95,000-125,000 PSI 115 lbs.
.045SS302ACW 302 .045 Annealed 95,000-125,000 PSI 165 lbs.
.045SS430ACW 430 .045 Annealed 70,000-95,000 PSI 125 lbs.
.045SS316ACW 316 .045 Annealed 95,000-120,000 PSI 145 lbs.


Part No. Ft/Coil W.T. Coil Wt/box of 6
.038SS302ACW 1,600 6.3 37 lbs.
.045SS302ACW 1,200 6.5 40 lbs.
.045SS430ACW 1,200 6.5 40 lbs.
.045SS316ACW 1,200 6.5 40 lbs.

 Straight hub or tapered hub are available.

All weights and footage lengths are approximate. There are six (6) coils per box with total box weight described above. Footages length are plus/minus 30 ft. Pallet quantity is 378 coils or 63 boxes.

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